Garden of the Gods

The majesty of the huge red rocks at Garden of the Gods is unbeatable. Climbing these sandstone behemoths is an experience that could never be forgotten.

Also you will become an instant celebrity to all the tourists hiking around the park.

Choose Your Adventure
Stretching for that next hold you feel your feet begin to slip, but you cling harder and grab the edge above you. Your experienced Gravity Play guide/belayer yells encouragement up to you. Pulling up off of that ledge you scan for the next hold to use. Before you know it you are at the top, admiring the view. The feeling of accomplishment is unbeatable and as you are lowered back to the ground you begin looking at the next climb you want to do...
Cheyenne Canyon

As the winding creek gurgles its way down the creek behind you you can relish the quiet serenity while you enjoy climbing the solid granite of Cheyenne Canyon.

Another perk is the easy, 5 minute, access from the Broadmoor to Cheyenne Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

With an easy approach to this gorgeous canyon of red sandstone, similar in composition to the Garden of the Gods you will marvel at the huge selection of climbing. The backdrop of Pikes Peak looming overhead creates a photogenic scene worthy of any travel guide cover.

And Many More!!

The comprehensive experience of our guides could be summed to over 50 years of climbing all over Colorado. If there is any location in the front range you would like to climb, just let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you!

Also if being cold and handling sharp objects with numb hands is your thing, we'll hook you up with Ice Climbing!

Trekking through foothills and up dusty front range peaks is a more mellow experience than climbing the rocks around Colorado Springs, but is just as fun and can offer rewarding vistas and nature encounters. Gravity Play will guide you through scenic trails in Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon Cheyenne Canyon and many others.
Garden of the Gods

Bertag Trail Loop

Cheyenne Canyon

Lower to Mid-Columbine trails/ Mount Cutler

Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Green Loop / Intemen Trail / Quarry Trail
Hiking Options
High Adventure Hiking
Want to combine hiking and climbing, as well as throw some ascending fixed lines and rapelling into the mix? Join gravity play for a full day adventure starting with some strenuous hiking to reach our adventure basecamp where you will be guided through rappelling, ascending, and climbing. All this time you will experience the incredible vista of North Cheyenne Canyon's Helen Hunt Falls, Seven Falls, and Colorado Springs. This is Adventure at it's finest!

We will provide transportation with our 15 passenger vans, food, water, instruction, supervision and all the appropriate equipment. Got kids? GREAT! We'll take them too!
Do you want to go rock climbing? Hiking? Ice climbing? Rappelling?
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